1Rapid detailed testings are available.
Blood testing results are available in 15 to 20 minutes. The results of chlamydia and gonorrhea testings are available on the same day or the next day for throat, urine, vagina, and anus by rapid detailed testing. Test results are able to be checked online or by a phone call.

2All tests are anonymous! No mention in the notification.
Since it is a self-funded medical treatment (not covered by insurance), you can have an undetectable testing and no records will be shared with any third-party.
No insurance card is required. Please note that we will legally ask for your name when prescribing medication.
3Separate waiting rooms for men and women.
The waiting room is separated by a curtain.
Patients of the opposite sex will not see each other.
4Difficult for others to hear what is being discussed during treatment.
At the Rise Clinic, we have a unique system that prevents the waiting room from knowing what you are saying during your consultation.
5Thorough hygiene management.
All syringes, needles, examination instruments, gloves, etc. used for examination and testing are disposable each time.
In addition, blood is never drawn with bare hands.
6Support for various payment methods
We accept payment not only by cash, cand also by credit card, e-money, UnionPay card and debit card.